Classic Diamond Jewellery:
The Tennis Bracelet

The much-loved tennis bracelet is a true icon – a classic piece of diamond jewellery. 

What is a tennis bracelet?

In its simplest form, the tennis bracelet consists of a line of diamonds of the same size, cut, colour, and clarity set side by side to make a complete, flexible circle. 

However, if you would like something a little more unusual, there are variations of the classic tennis bracelet style that feature design flourishes such as diamonds in assorted sizes, shapes and cuts, and also innovative settings. 

History of the tennis bracelet

First coming to prominence in the 1920’s, the tennis bracelet was initially known only as a ‘diamond line’ bracelet. Now known by both, the ‘tennis’ name came some 50 years later, widely attributed to tennis ace Chris Evert, who was noted for wearing a diamond line bracelet during tournaments. 

However, the exact moment that the tennis bracelet was coined has been much debated. Typically, it has been claimed that it happened when Evert’s diamond bracelet – made by jewellery designer George Bedewi – broke during the 1987 U.S. Open. 

The game was halted in order to find the bracelet, and in a subsequent interview Evert allegedly named the missing piece her ‘tennis bracelet’. 

More recently, it has been argued that the bracelet got its name in the 1970s when Evert, the number one player in the world, became noted for her stylish fashion on the tennis court. Pairing diamonds with chic sporting gear, she tapped into the disco-era vogue, creating a sportsluxe look. 

In its simplest form, the tennis bracelet consists of a line of diamonds of the same size, cut, colour, and clarity set side by side to make a complete, flexible circle.

Styling your tennis bracelet

Whether it’s simply worn on its own or with other diamond jewellery to make a statement, with its versatility the diamond tennis bracelet is the perfect accessory. 

With jewellery stacking still a significant trend, you may want to consider pairing your bracelet with one, or more, complementary diamond bracelets. However, when selecting this approach, there are a number of points to consider. 

Contemporary look

If you prefer a more contemporary look with your jewellery, opt for subtly graduated pieces alongside a bangle with a bezel setting or a plain metal finish.

Vintage appeal

Alternatively, if a vintage style appeals to you, consider the classic tennis bracelet set with identical round diamonds and combine this with a piece featuring a halo pavé setting.

Mixed metal contrast

Of course, you can also juxtapose aesthetics with a contrasting arrangement. One way to do this is to mix metal colors, which introduces variety into your tennis bracelet look. You can start with a yellow gold tennis bracelet, rose gold tennis bracelet or a two-tone piece and mix metals according to your taste. Alternatively, a single-color statement is another fantastic option.


The shape and size of your bracelet’s diamonds also have the potential to introduce variety. A nice option is to mix a slimline open-ended cuff with pear shaped diamond terminals, or pavé halo set cushion cut diamonds, with a tennis bracelet featuring spectacular large round diamonds.


With contrasting arrangements, remember also to vary the scale and construction of your pieces. For example, combine a bangle or cuff with a bracelet, or you can of course, wear your diamond tennis bracelet with a watch. Remember though, as with complementary bracelets, it’s important that the style of your watch matches your tennis bracelet.

Selecting your tennis bracelet

As a diamond tennis bracelet is such a versatile piece that will be worn a lot, it’s essential that its links are both flexible and durable. Good links keep the diamonds in place and the bracelet from breaking.

When selecting your bracelet, move your hands and arms around and note how it moves on your wrist. Ensure that it has a fluid movement, with no sticking points between links. 

When it comes to security, aim for a bracelet that has both a secure clasp and a safety latch.

Finding the perfect fit

For the most comfortable fit, aim for a bracelet that sits lightly and loosely at the point where your wrist meets your hand. If you can slip a finger easily in the space between your wrist and the bracelet, the fit is perfect! 

The Forever bracelet

You don’t have to be a tennis pro to wear one; day or night, dressed up or dressed down, you can wear your diamond tennis bracelet all the time. With its versatility, the tennis bracelet has become a classic piece of diamond jewellery, and a piece to be cherished Forever. 


Chris Evert image: Bob Thomas/Bob Thomas Sports Photography/Getty Images

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