Jade Trau

The idea of Forever is a sentiment, a story, a product that continues to be alive long after we’re gone.

For De Beers Forevermark jewelry designer Jade Trau, diamonds have a particularly special meaning. With her great, great grandfather starting in the diamond industry in the late 1800’s, Trau is a fifth generation diamantaire. With diamonds in her DNA, Trau discusses what Forever means to her.

A New York City native, and mother to twin boys, Jade Trau became a jewelry designer in 2012. With a less is more philosophy, when designing she always thinks of the diamond first and then makes the design around this. For Trau, jewelry design has such a personal, emotional and sentimental feeling, with her collections she creates a synergy between her past and her present, drawing upon her family heritage in the diamond industry.

Just like a diamond, as old as the earth itself and set to last a lifetime, Forever to Trau is what lives on, long after we’re gone. From sentiments, to stories, it is something that can be passed down from generation to generation. Something that Jade hopes to do within her own jewelry designs by creating heirloom-worthy treasures that will live on Forever. 

In an exclusive video series, De Beers Forevermark was thrilled to collaborate with Time Inc. and Jade Trau to discuss the role of De Beers Forevermark in her life and work, as well as why she chooses to work with responsibly sourced diamonds.



The Forevermark Alchemy™ Collection by Jade Trau

The Forevermark Alchemy™ Collection by Jade Trau showcases the true beauty of a De Beers Forevermark diamond. This collection transforms four classic diamond shapes; emerald, round, pear and marquise; into meaningful archetypes. Discover which archetype you are in this stunning new collection.

View the Alchemy™ Collection

Now, Forever

We are believers in Forever. Through the twists and turns, the ups and downs, everyone goes on a different journey towards true love. Every step you take now, is a step towards your Forever.

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